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You were born Unique. You are here to become your own awesome Freak Self. The Superhero is within You, you just need to discover it. Look inward, reconnect with your innate force and find the purpose and the meaning of the true You. Knowing it with clarity will give you unstoppable energy. Your Superhero's cape will give you the wings, even if they are invisible. So spread them wide and fly high. May your passion and curiosity be endless, may your enthusiasm be infectious, your inner glow and energy shine through the projects and your creations and may your final outcome be of service to others. Each of us makes a difference in the Universe. I make mine - so now it is time for you to shine. Please wear our Collections and become connected to this amazing Brand of The Freak Code.
No Excuses / Bez Wymowek


Peak Performance Coach /Trainer/  Designer Ewa Eckert