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Freak Code - What is different about us?

Freak Code Apparel is one of a kind high quality brand that delivers daily motivation, inspiration for workouts. Each time you purchase a product you will receive Completely FREE admission to workout with us on our YouTube channel. 

Freak Code  is one of a kind Brand of workout/ streetwear Apparel, that resonates with BEING YOUR OWN AWESOME FREAK -SELF.  

Each color is a representation of our Freak “Code” - Discipline, Energy, Confidence, Action, Freak, Attack.

Freak Code Apparel is one of a kind Workout/ StreetWear Brand, because of the matching sets. Each member of Your Family NOW can wear matching outfits. It is empowering, fun, energizing and motivational at the same time. 

Stand up and Stand out from the Crowd - Be different - Be You. 

Freak Code Apparel represents the Operate to Dominate in All areas of your life by bringing the 






To your home, your life, your family, your wardrobe.

Wear the BRAND - Be Different - Be Your Awesome Freak - Self Superhero!

Freak Code Apparel stands for The No Excuses Mindset/ The Non - Negotiables/ Not Being a Little B@itch/ Take Charge of Your LIfe and Be Your Own Freak - Self in everything you do in Life!

Freak Code Apparel reminds you about having the courage in today’s world to take charge of your own life with an Action/ Attack Mindset. No one else can save You - but You.

Take responsibility, demand the change within you to become your own best self.