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It all started with an IDEA to help people live better, healthier and more fulfilled lives and most importantly to fit in. Our first Peak Physique Boot Camp and Boxing Center was opened in 2009 in NY. This was home for many who did not fit anywhere else; this was their home and their place to be themselves. 

Eventually, with 2 locations, we have changed over 20,000 people’s lives making them fit, lean, happy and healthy again. But this wasn’t all - the primary focus was on the Mindset. Without good and positive thinking and changing your habits, you will not change your life. 

In 2016, Midge created the 2 shoes trend thas has made an imprint on our lives. Today, we wear our workout shoes - 2 different colors. When she was 2 years old, she refused to put on the same shoes; she put a sandal on one foot and a sneaker on the other. Wobbling from side to side because of the uneven parts of the soles, she made her entrance to the gym. She was so stubborn not to wear the same shoes, as you know you can not argue witha  2 year old…that it made us think - “How can we let her be her own self? Wearing 2 completely different shoes with uneven bottoms was not healthy. So from that point on we decided to buy an identical brand but with different colors and this is how it all started. Today, You can see us wearing 2 different colors and this is our style. This style led us to create a variety of workout clothes that had 2 different patterns or colors.  

Tyson, as you will see on the workout vidoes is a 10 years old beast who started his training when he was only 3 years old. Today, he can’t imagine a day without a workout. He can be an inspiration to many kids his age and younger who need the discipline and self motivation to start the best foundation of habits at a young age.

2 different shoes is a reperesanation of being our own Freak Self and developing the Not Give a F@ck muscle what others think of You. Feedback is important, but you can not live your own life in terms of others and their opinions.  This alone helps you eneter another level of thinking for yourself. You must do that in today’s world. You must show your true self and have the Freedom of who you are.  Along came The Freak Code which we live by and this is how The Freak Code Workout Line has been created. Please take a moment and read our Freak “ Code”. 

Freak Code Clothing is all about Living your Life on Your Own Freaking Terms. Being your Own FreakSelf. Matching designs for the entire family can be a fun way to stand out within the crowd, especially during workouts and outdoor time. Wearing our designs should be a reminder of “ The Freak Code” for you and what you stand for.  Each color in our collection represents a way of life - Mind, Discipline, Energy, Confidence, Action, Freak.

Each color in our collection represents a way of life. It all started with just the pattern of our Logo ( which is black and yellow ) and it started evolving after. Discipline is green, Resilience is Burgundy, Fire is Red and Energy Dark Blu, Protect is Dark Grey and Attack is Black, Action is Orange and Confidence is Jewel. Match the style with the way you feel and act. Each day can be different and this is totally ok. Match the style with the way you feel and act. Each day can be different and this is totally ok. I guarantee you that knowing these colors and what they represent will improve your overall act in your life. Think about them before you wear them and put your intention behind their meaning.

We have been impacting people’s lives, not only through our workouts and our clothing brand, but also through the Operate to Dominate Coaching Program that can scale your Mind, Body and Business to the next level. Please check our Courses tab to see what elese we have to offer. 

You are F@cking Awesome 

Be your Freak Self Superhero 



Every single one of our products represents what we stand for and believe. Each piece  has been assigned to a specific workout video. So when you purchase an item from our collection you will receive an email with a specific workout.

 Make sure to subscribe to our emails, so you do not miss any workouts. 

Now that you know our story, you know that EXERCISE  and staying fit in our MIND and BODY is our priority as a Freak Family. Healthy lifestyle is the foundation of our existence  and we want to spread it to you and your family, so you no longer can make any excuses not to workout. 

This has NEVER been done before - where a workout brand deliveres absolutely for FREE a workout routine with each product designed by the creators of the same BRAND. Every single workout session has been created by us - The Freak Family. 

We are PIONEERS! We are the Freak Family that has one mission in mind - to remind you that you have everything you need to live a great life - that you are F@cking Awesome Freak. 

Allow us, through our brand and our workouts, to motivate you so you can STOP making Excuses and start living the life you desire.

 Because you have one LIFE my friend - right here- right now. This is it. Being F@cking lazy,  allowing any negativity is not the life you want - LIFE  is F@cking Good Life - so here it is - right here - with us. 

By wearing our clothes, you not only connect on a deeper level with us - but you create your own Freak Self through wearing the brand and believing in it’s message. And this message is for You - to empower You, to motivate You, to spark that fire under your A@@.  

Each piece of our clothing has been created with our Freak Code Core Values in Mind ( You can Find those in the section - What we believe and stand for ) So you can finally wear what you believe and stand for. We know how important human connection is nowadays and how important it is for you to feel connected and congruent with who you are. 

There has never been a better time to step up and believe that Great Things are coming your way. 

We want you to feel and look at your best - so wear the Freak Code BRAND and WORKOUT with us. 

You are F@cking Awesome 

No Excuses 

Freak Family 


WHO IS The Bad A@@?

Ewa Eckert is a Personal Discipline and Development Accountability Coach. Born in Poland. For over 25 years involved in fitness and nutrition with extensive training overseas. 

Her passion for fitness started at age 13 - when she first attended a group training program led by famous Russian Instructors. 

She graduated in 2001 with a Master’s Degree of Physical Education in Lodz. 

She delivered unbelievable results and transformations to over 20,000 people in the past years during her career as an Onwer of Peak physique Boot Camp and Boxing. 

Her crazy workout ideas can be found on Peakphysiqueny YouTube Channel. She has trained, and given her knowledge to many coaches out there in the world. 

She is a founder and co founder of several businesses and brands.

She continues to inspire many Women out there with her weekly show “ No Excuses “ 

Wife of The Freak and  Mother of 2 beautiful children Tyson and Evanka. 


  • Born in Poland
  • Passion for fitness since a little girl
  • 3rd Place in Fitness Hip Hop Show in Poland
  • Master’s Degree of Cathedral Of Physical Education in Lodz 
  • Over 25 years experience in the fitness industry
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • World Team Leader of Herbalife Nutrition 
  • Founder/Owner of Peak Physique Boot Camp and Boxing 
  • Founder/Owner of Freak Code Clothing Line
  • Creator of unbelievable workout regimens
  • Co - Owner of the OTD - Operate to Dominate Coaching Program
  • Creator of Peak Physique Virtual Workouts 
  • Creator of The No Excuses Ladies Show 
  • Founder/ Co - Creator of The Russian and The Freak Show 
  • Peak Performance Coach - Mind, Body, Business
  • Mother of 2 beautiful children Tyson and Evanka
  • Wife of the Freak (Steve Eckert)


Hobbies and Interests: fitness, exercise, spending family time, latino dance, travel, board games, obsessive about reading and personal development. 


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Who is The Freak?

Steve Eckert is a Personal Discipline and Development Accountability Coach.  He is a United States Marine, Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father.  His unique style of blending Military strategies and tactics with the mindset and methods of an entrepreneur, has helped over 20,000 clients achieve results and life transformations, over the past 22 years.  He has built several successful companies and brands from scratch in the coaching and fitness industries. 


  • Founder and Owner of OTD- Operate to Dominate Peak Performance Coaching
  • Founder/Owner of OTD Online- Coaching Courses
  • Founder/Owner of Freak Code- Clothing Company
  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional for over 20 years
  • Instructor/Co-Founder of The Project- men’s personal Development program
  • Instructor/Co-Owner of LTD- Leadership and Team Development Training
  • Previous coach of several Mastermind and Mentorship Group Coaching Programs


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Instagram: @steve.eckert1



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