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Freak Code- Family Values

  1. DISCIPLINE: I will maintain DISCIPLINE as my foundation in everything I do and say, Never making any Excuses, Staying in the Green
  2. ENERGY:  I will bring infectious ENERGY and Maximum Effort to every situation, conversation, interaction, and every room i enter.
  3. ATTACK:  I will wake up early everyday, take immediate Action, Never waste time, make $hit happen, and ATTACK the day and all tasks that come with it.
  4. MIND:  I will Strengthen my mind everyday- Reading, Writing, Meditating, Reflecting, Journaling- Without a Strong Mind, a strong body is useless.
  5. BODY:  I will Strengthen and Build my BODY everyday.  Without a Strong Body, a strong mind is useless.
  6. MISSION: I will put the MISSION and the Family (Team), before Myself.
  7. LISTEN:  I will Shut the F@ck Up, Listen First, then respond- Not letting my Emotions control me, considering all things i hear.
  8. CREATE:  I will take Risks, Make Bold Moves, put myself out there, and Contribute ways to make the Family Even More Successful (including Money).
  9. WIN:  I will Maintain a Positive Attitude in all situations, even if I Fail, I will Always find the WIN or Lesson.
  10. CONFIDENCE:  I will Always Think for Myself, Believe in Myself, Figure It Out, and Make Decisions that seem Right.
  11. PROTECT:  I will Defend and PROTECT the Safety of this Family, at all costs.
  12. FREAK:  I will have the Courage to be My FREAK self Everyday.

FREAK Operating System

If You Are Always on Your “A” Game, You Never Have to Get on Your “A” game.

Bring the F@cking Fire Every Second of Every Second

No Excuses- Never Accept Any, Never Make Any

Freak Core Values

  1. Be a FREAK
  2. Stay in the Green
  3. No Excuses